January 28th, 2012.

Quickie but satisfying turkeyburger from the Brunch Box foodcart downtown.

Peppermint tea, berry "ghetto" cake, cherry paté and lime macaroon at Pix Patisserie on SE Division.

Laurelhurst park.

January 26th, 2012.

Bidding the difficult-to-photograph-even-for-a-cat Axl farewell, two views of Washington from the train [when we finally boarded one] and the first bowl of amazing barbacoa sopa [from Taqueria Portland] that I managed to completely consume -- it helps when the only thing you're eaten in more than 12 hours was two pieces of toast.

January 25th, 2012.

Post-doctor breakfast and LP crawl at Easy Street Records on California Ave. Sometimes only basic, competently made diner food hits the spot, and this particular morning was a good example. They name each dish/combination after a different musician; I can't be the only person to ever avoid ordering the dish I wanted because I refused to ask for something named after someone I dislike. This is the "Little Richard," not the "Lil' Kim."

With the job done and the day sunny and dry for a change, we spent the day across the Sound on Vashon Island. Here, we attempt to spend more than a few minutes on the beach before the wind diced us into pieces.


Restroom at the island's pharmacy/gift shop.

Still learning how to shoot panoramas in focus.

Dinner: Fantastic baked chicken, leeks and elephant garlic at home.

January 24th, 2012.

Amazing brunch at Saigon Boat Cafe on Alki: Turkey banh-mi sandwich and roasted eggplant, in a style I've never seen before but want to learn how to replicate.

Tasty oatmeal-fig cookie and interesting-looking lemon-raspberry-type thing at Bakery Nouveau on California Avenue.

A very atmospheric [read: dark] dinner of chicken curry and roasted vegetables at Maharaja Cuisine of India down the street from the Bakery.

West Seattle: January 23rd, 2012.

Dinner at Veraci -- a fine local ginger ale and a half Salumi Mole/half Original pizza -- then a migraine-soothing Guinness brownie at an "Irish" bar & grill in West Seattle.

Ballard, January 23rd, 2012.

All glory to the Locks and Botanical Garden.