Only 17 Days until IRYCRT2001:ASO Day 2012!!!

How better to prepare than to watch a little trailer for an amazing documentary about the film that has been "Temporarily canceled" by the studio:

Also, any photos/videos of your pet reacting to this exciting news that 17 edited minutes of footage that Kubrick cut from the film has been found in pristine condition will be valid for this year's International "Record Your Pet Reacting to 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY" Day.

5 Mile Leap Day

I think I'm done trying to photograph this sign when the sun is shining directly into my lens; I presume that's what causes this weird flickering. After a few dozen attempts to get a clean shot, I unwittingly threaded the needle and got a completely blank marquee. It might come in handy whenever I get around to doing whatever the hell is that I'm doing with these pictures later. I think March is going to be all about trying to get my walk in at the same time every day and see how the light changes through the seasons.


Sooner or later, the mandoline gods demand their fraction of an ounce of flesh, especially when you're too stupid to not use the protective guard when slicing potatoes.

Late night cream cheese lemon frosting

Sometimes, a man simply forgets that he left a pack of cream cheese out all day and then has to make the best of it.

Chips, before & after and then later.

Had I known how easy it was to make your own potato chips, I would have bought my own mandoline and never bought store chips again. Like my crackers,  rosemary potato chips are truly amazing. Note to self: I need to try making apple chips next.

5 mile friday