07/29/82: NEVER FORGET

Here's something you don't see -- well, hear -- every day: The uncensored footage of the infamous kayfabe screaming fit Andy Kaufman gave Jerry Lawler on LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN 29 years ago today. Enjoy:

Groceries and dinner

Apparently my Ashley Wilkes snowjob isn't as opaque as I think; Mlle. Friedchips took me to Fred Meyer for groceries. I'm not a muffin-top fan. I do like the Philadelphia pizza, done calzone-style, at Signal Station. Yesterday.

(ps. I'm still weak, shakey and easily exhausted, but my chest doesn't hurt as much as it has this week.)

Death Wish: Dinner at Country Bill's

A Roy Rogers is a cola with bar cherries and grenadine. The bacon burger is Mr. D's -- a few fried green beans, fries and a cheeseburger is as coronary-baiting as I get. Then I bought chewable asprin and a bag of oranges at the remarkably nice Safeway next door before retiring to my room, where I've been, flat on my back, ever since. Taken/Eaten Monday.

What a day, for a night.

I'll write more when I'm not entirely exhausted. My heart and I are home, half-watching Thin Man movies before dreamland, no worries.

Muppet Monday: The 39 Stairs

So many pop-culture references in this short that undoubtly flew over 1978 parents' heads, much less the kids, you gotta love it, although Alistair Cookie lost some of his elegant pimpitudiness when the MONSTERPIECE THEATER producers took away the pipe for his intro/outro segments.

More American Metal.

More unpictured satay blondies too.

Saturday Morning Stupid: Superman 1988

The Portuguese dialogue helps take the edge off the dumb and crazy in this. I like the idea of Superman having a really average, slightly bored-sounding voice.

It is sort of cool to see animated Gil Kane drawings every once and a while [0:40 in]:

Taco-truck dinner

The vegetables in the chicken-fajita were tasty, but the barbacoa was the better meat. I think they stiffed us on our sour creaam, however.

Mr. Banana

I made peanut-satay blondies this afternoon (unpictured); the satay was surprisingly subtle.

Still waiting for a "Black Zoidberg" bootleg T-shirt, too.


This almost makes me regret not having cable television or the patience to trudge through Comedy Central's endless, glacial-loading labyrinth of a Web site to see [if] the new season of FUTURAMA [is as big of a cheapened let-down as I've heard].

Zoidberg has always been my favorite Groening-cartoon character; I'd give up a liver or two for a LOU GRANT-style spinoff about him.

Spiced-raisin chocolate brownies

I'm fairly sure I did these right, as I'm not tempted to bury my usual mistakes in my stomach.

New Comics Wednesday: What's Been On My Mind This Week, In Eight Images or Less.

The new end of my walking circuit.

It seems that 1.) I live closer to downtown than I imagine, and 2.) My dying camphone now handles light worse than I do.

Even more bugs.

Old VWs don't die, they move to Portland.

Curbside art: ragtop Falcon

Pale yellow or palest yellow ever?

Curbside art: it's American metal season

Ooo, gleamy. Also, a rusty but sea-greeny old pickup.

Yesterday's Blondies

I added raisins and creamed the butter; the results were delightful.


Another day, another VW bug for my collection, another tray of baked bars. Today: Gingeries, which didn't do as well with brown sugar and 100% vegtable oil but were still good.

Muppet Monday: Danny Boy

I would love to see Animal and Swedish Chef do some argument scenes from INHERIT THE WIND or GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS. Beaker I think will be a fine replacement for MARK TWAIN TONIGHT whenever Hal Holbrook retires.