The Cupcakes That Time [And This Blog] Forgot.

Weird. It seems that some of my posts from 2009 have disappeared. I don't have time right now to compare my log to what's here, but I wanted to throw these cat & vegan-cupcake decoration shots back up. Taken January 21.

Huzzah, huzzah

Happy Memorial Day to all the dead soldiers, my dead relatives, the cars totaled in the Indy 500, the fingers lost to improper fireworks handling and the music butchered at the National Concert on NPR every year. I think that covers everything.

[This isn't a rhetorical question, I've simply not been following the war politics as closely as I used to: Are real Americans still supposed to Support the Troops by advocating that they stay in Iraq and Afghanistan until their mission, ever-changing but always impossible, is accomplished?]

Thought of the day:

People who were booked to fly on the Pan Am Flight 103 that exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988:

South African foreign minister Pik Botha
The Four Tops
John Lydon and his wife
tennis pro Mats Wilander
Kim Cattrall

Just try to imagine the alternate Earth where they all boarded, flew and died 23 years ago, I DARE YOU.

An excerpt from the film DREAMING KITTEN, HUGGING MOTHER.

Japan still has all the fun.

Despite the horrific natural and man-made disasters, Japan is still a nation of clever, fun-loving people. This is my newest favorite sport; I would watch Stickdown every weekend if I could:

While researching what would be the right replacement for my battered, Magic Johnson-dying Treo 755P, I happened by this iDay 2007 comparison of the first-generation iPhone and the Treo -- I must say my phone's [razor-thin] victory [as judged by a dude who runs a Palm fansite] was pretty sweet. Is it any wonder that Treo continues to pwn the iPhone and reign supreme over the smartphone kingdom?????????????? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA sigh HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!

I never thought I would say this, but: The comment thread after the review was remarkably informative and illuminating. Now I know why phone calls on this hunk of shit often devolve into CB-radio speak/listen exchanges and that you need to buy third-party software to make the phone part of the phone stop sucking in general. Knowledge is power! And Knowing is Half The Battle, etc.

I'm still no closer to know which smartphone would cover all the crap I use my 755P for as well as all the cool crap I see everyone else doing with their phones. This is clearly a First World tragedy.

[By the way, is it still true that you can't do a simple copy & paste nor send a proper text message on an iPhone?]

David Stepkin: NAILED IT.

This is what I imagine an animated Drew Friedman cartoon would look like:

Happy 70th Birthday, Bob Dylan!

And what better way to celebrate than to enjoy two sets of amazing recordings that the great man probably would prefer we mostly ignored?

First up is "A Tree With Roots: The Complete Basement Tapes," a far more comprehensive [theoretically complete, but I doubt it] collection of the famous "Basement Tapes" than the more Greatest Hits-type collection released in 1975.

Next is the semi-infamous "A.J. Weberman Tapes," a rare pair of probably illegally recorded and certainly unauthorized-to-release-on-vinyl phone conversations an obsessed fanemy had with Dylan after a long campaign of organized protests in front of the songwriter's home and even digging through his garbage. Enjoy.

Roy Jones' Worst Hits

Perhaps it's coincidence, perhaps it's just me -- the first time I remember seeing either gentleman fight was when they faced off in 1993 and, when I resumed following the sport, the first new fights I saw from them shared the same opponent in Joe Calzaghe -- but it's difficult to consider Roy Jones' career without comparing it to Bernard Hopkins'. Last night, Hopkins made history by breaking the record for the oldest boxing champion by beating the world lineal light-heavyweight kingpin Jean Pascal in Pascal's Montreal backyard, while Jones was brutally knocked out by above-average journeyman and DICK-TRACY-villain lookalike Denis Lebedev in Moscow.

Understandably, the focus is on B-Hop's victory, with a wheezy, strictly routine chorus of "Jeeezus, Roy -- fuckin' retire already" in the background. I say routine because even his most ardent supporters know that Jones won't retire until HE decides to retire; no doubt he would transition into mixed-martial arts or fight elsewhere if an athletic commission revoked his boxing license on medical grounds. Here are four reasons for Jones to either retire, drop down to super-middleweight if he can do it [SMW is working wonders for Glen Johnson] or work on at least keeping his left hand up now that his once superhuman reflexes are shot to shit and it's painfully clear how glassy his jaw can be:

Note how Jones went from HBO Pay Per View to regular HBO to FoxTel [an Australian premium cable company] to Russian television with each knockout. The poor guy's next fight will probably be held in a Madagascar parking garage and broadcast on a local kid's YouTube channel.

St. Johns Sunday.

Someone left a toilet in the yard. At least it's not full of waste. Yet.

Last night.

I'll give you two guesses which dog was having the birthday party.


So,The Rapture™ happened the other day. The joke is on you, Christianists -- turns out the only soul on Earth worth plucking up before months of fiery natural disasters and mass human suffering (a.k.a. Summer in America now that we've done so much damage to the environment) prior to Earth's destruction was the Macho Man, Randy Savage. OH YEEEEAAAAAAH.

Questions of last night

I've not seen the definitely long-over Dawson-Diacano (sp) and Pascal-Hopkins fights and still dunno who won, but the the question that will/did determine the results of each fight is the same: Did the young lion learn from his mistakes in his setback (losing to Pascal in a terrible showing for Dawson, looking almost as bad as Dawson in eeking out a draw against Hopkins for Pascal) and not lose his drive for excellence in that failure?

I'm guessing Dawson did, or will look good enough against a fairly soft opponent for his comeback that he'll at least look like he's been born again hard. I doubt Pascal has come off his Hopkins encounter undamaged, but the old man may finally be too old to take a title instead of holding victory from the opening bell and spending the next 48 minutes clinically frustrating a lesser boxer with his superior skills. If B-Hop doesn't get dropped early, like he was in the first meeting, the light-heavyweight championship is his.

Still haven't seen the fights, but Hopkins doing pushups to taunt Pascal and his cornermen for dragging their feet to resume the fight straight-up owns:

Taking Five: My new favorite Aminal video

Just a little video from one of the bigger big-cat rescue organizations; I thought only hippos were into post-Halloween pumpkins, but clearly not:

Holy fucking shit, nobody told me tigers could swim so well. I yelled a little when I saw that segment.

Anyone else imagining that those big cats are pretending that their pumpkins are the decapitated heads of their human caretakers?

Morning in SE

Waiting for the bus; this still beats driving.


In case I ever wonder this again: The color of the Golden Gate Bridge is "International Orange," which is PMS code 173 and/or 0% Cyan, 69% Magenta, 100% Yellow and 6% Black.

Late-night cookiemaking.

Reece's Pieces and M&Ms, for a get-together today. (Not pictured: A batch of gluten-free cookies with chocolate and peanut-butter chips.

SE Division taco truck dinner

The chicken taco es muy bien, the stew-meaty burrito es bien y the fish burrito must have been mudfish not tilapia.

Vandalism is where it's at in St. Johns of late.

This used to be (as of just a week or two ago) a little boutique across from the Safeway; now, it's apparently the most popular target for assholes in SJ, with the door of the Thai restaurant on St. Louis a close second. Taken Sunday.

Post-brunch estate sales et sorbet at Pix

Raspberry y piña colada.

A very late brunch at the Screen Door

The chicken & waffle is more than a meal for two, so the parmeasan/chives/etc. fritters were an excess unlikely to be repeated.

And then, a rusty Honda protected by The Club. Really? Is this shitbox's entire drive shaft made of solid gold? Taken the 14th.

A Quick One: Crossroads

It's been quite a year already for upsets in boxing, but it's heartening to see so many fair fights being made, bought and aired on American television. [Pay Per View, however, remains the vehicle of choice for A-list celebrity fighters to dominate but not quite annihilate jobbers-to-the-stars like Shane Mosley and Ricardo Mayorga.]

Tonight, ESPN2 and air an intriguing crossroads fight between two perennial but wilting contenders: Julio Diaz (38-6, 27 by KO) and Kendall Holt (26-4, 14 by KO). Preferring the lower-rent, higher-volume productions of SHOBOX: THE NEW GENERATION and FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS -- I can't read the fight's location "the Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez, California" without hearing announcer "The Classy" Jimmy Lennon Jr. saying it in my head -- to the one- or two-fight cards that HBO airs, I've probably seen Holt fight more than any other boxer active this decade, which is good because he's easy to root for despite [perhaps because of] his erratic performance record: Getting stopped by rookie Thomas Davis in the first round, but bouncing back to take the 0s of major contenders David Diaz and Isaac Hlatshwayo before routing a prime Mike Arnaoutis for the WBO light-welterweight title ... which he then dropped to Ricardo Torres in one wild, bizarre fight ... which he quickly avenged with his left hook and head via a first-round knockout in their rematch. It's funny how quickly forgotten that 140-pound rivalry was forgotten; to hear some people talk, you would think that the division didn't even exist until a few years ago, when Manny Pacquiao took a respite from bulking up from the second Juan Manuel Marquez fight to the De La Hoya match by beating David Diaz at 140, which begat Tim Bradley, Amir Khan, Marcos Maidana and the rest of the division the following day.

Anyway, it's unfair that dropping a close unanimous-decision loss to young lion Bradley followed by an RTD loss to a beast like Kaizer Mabuza has sidelined Holt so thoroughly -- although the aftermath of Holt getting caught and pleading guilty to laundering drug money for his manager shortly before the Bradley fight may have left him a bit unfocused on boxing over the last few years [Boxers are not known for their business acumen] -- and that he's in something of a do-or-die situation tonight. All that said, in Diaz he has a better than 50-50 shot at victory if he has prepared as well as he used to do. It should be a decent fight, regardless.

Tomorrow night, on Showtime, the Super Six Super-Middleweight Boxing Classic resumes with a fight that I imagine/hope will be more than the foregone conclusion most of the boxing-press herd have decided it should be: tournament favorite Andre Ward faces off against former-middleweight-champion-still-having-trouble-adjusting-to-168-pounds Arthur Abraham. No one can say until the fight's on whether King Arthur will have rediscovered his balance and punching power at SMW, and perhaps even grasped that boxing matches outside of Germany don't start when he decides to start punching, but I would hope that he has. He seems too proud to be anyone's tomato can. Ward, on the other hand, continues to improve himself without inspiring his audience; a generation ago, he already would have made the cover of the Wheaties box, but that seems an impossible dream even if he outpoints Abraham tonight, defeats the Carl Froch/Glen Johnson winner in the fall and even Lucian Bute next year, a sourness in his ring appearances that even keeps him off the most jingoistic of Top Ten pound-for-pound lists. In that regard, Ward is one of the most fascinating figures in the sport today. Anyway, I'm backing the underdog King to give the "Song of God" more hell than most expect, even though he'll never win the fight on the judges' scorecards.

6:36PM UPDATE: Good showing from junior-middleweight prospect Jonathan Gonzalez. Not that it will/should ever be syndicated, but they should retitle THE CONTENDER "THE OPPONENT" in reruns, as that's all that show ever produced.

7PM UPDATE: Awesome liver shot from Roman. I'm loving the haterade that Joe Tessitore and Teddy Atlas are righteously pouring over the Pacquiao/Mosley bill-of-good stinkfest.

7:38PM UPDATE: Textbook body-to-head pair of left hooks puts Diaz out. Good on "Rated R" .... who really could use a better nickname to go with his new giant manager and second chance at being an A-list fighter.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Little Man abides.

Hawthorne Foodcart Dinner

Even more poutine from Potato Champion & pepperoni and Greek pizza from ... The pizza cart across from Potato Champion. The poutine won.

Santa Cruz Sunday

Their fish burrito remains the best thing five bucks can buy. Good thing we're going on a eating-in, raw-foodish semi-diet; even going Dutch, all this fancypants restaurant-eatin' is going to bankrupt me.

A pizza more exciting than Pacquiao-Mosley.

Ricotta & Greek-olive pizza from Hammy's.

Saturday Brunch at Tasty & Sons

The food -- Cobb salad, Shakshuka (red pepper & tomato stew), Burmese red-pork stew and French toast -- was good, but probably not waiting-for-a-seat-for-45-minutes good. I had forgotten how tasty a Cobb can be, however.

Friday Night Potluck

I took over my chessboard peanut-butter and cardamom-chocolate, and the ladyfriend made some excellent Spanish spinach. A great evening with the friendliest, mellowest cult in PDX, despite a Serenity Stormtrooper locking herself in her bedroom to protest bacon being in the house.