December 4: On Sunday, nothing is ever open when you want it to be.

We planned to go to a Thai place down the street from Pho Jasmine before attending the Lewis and Clark cat show down near the Lloyd Center, but this joint was closed. In fact, it seemed that every Asian restaurant [we were jonesing] in the area was either closed on Sundays or didn't open until dinnertime. I forget what the name of this place that we did find is called, but it was near a Safeway and near the hotel that was hosting the show. I had my hopes to finally drink a banana soda created and then promptly dashed, but the food was pretty good — the eggroll in particular left me semi-obsessed with them for several days afterward.

The cat show itself was good times, although you would quickly regret stepping out of the convention room for a bathroom or lunch break; like a boiled frog, the smell of cat piss rose so slowly in the room that you wouldn't notice it otherwise. Also, whoever laid out the floor plan for attendees was clearly a sadist, placing the hairless breeds closest to the parking-garage doors. You'll never see an animal more keenly aware of when people are about to open a door then when you see a Sphynx watching for the next blast of 40° air to come in.

Wow -- I even got a five-mile walk in today, no less. Go me.

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