Press Check 2: The Legend of Curly's Golden First Signature

While Zack and I got coffee, the Brown techs moved on to prep the first signature of the book, which looked sharp and clean -- the two things one can only sacrifice a virgin goat to Ba'al in the hopes of getting consistently across a print run.

In this wide shot of the press, you can see the plates that were used to strike the covers leaning against the railing:

Signature one, hot off the press:

In the above and below photos, you can see the roller drums laying down our beloved Pantone colors 7447 (deep purple) and then 7405 (old yeller), which will combine to make a rich, charcoal-ish brown. Two-tone printing is awesome.

I love the smell of Pantone ink in the afternoon, and press checks are the closest thing to adult-playground playdates this country has to offer. Huzzah for printing locally! Eat it, China and the asshole comics publishers (not to be redundant) who use them.

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Alixopulos said...

Goete wüerke op hab bokå, Milosch üt Zach