Sunday Night Musical Interlude: Louis Jordan

[I'm still buried in deadlines, but I can't stand to look at anything workly at the moment.]

What kind of inhuman monster doesn't love Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five? That's not a rhetorical question:

This version [as seen on THE!!!! BEAT] of the group strikes me as a great idea for a combo: Drums, Hammond B-3 organ, tenor saxophone and electric guitar -- a Stratocaster, no less.

I imagine "G.I. Jive" was quietly given an honorable discharge from Jordan's set list not too much longer after this 1966 set.

I nearly shit when I saw who I momentarily thought was Freddie King jamming on a red Gibson 335 on this jumping earlier performance of "Saturday Night Fish Fry." It's blues journeyman Johnny Jones; Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown is the cat playing fills on a white Fender Jaguar, which is almost as awesome to see as King would have been.

I guarantee this is the greatest version of "Caldonia" you can hear with needing a time machine and directions to where a prime Jordan was playing that day:

Speaking of which: This is a bad movie, even by the standards of the genre and time, but it promises a priceless glimpse of Jordan at his peak back by the classic lineup of the Five -- including the absurdly influential yet woefully unknown guitarist Carl Hogan. The film, constructed of six YouTube clips [don't complain to me about the audio not syncing to the video at times; all I made was the play list and the embed code here], runs about 55 minutes. Enjoy:

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