New Comics Wednesday: Why I don't write funnybook reviews anymore

Nothing I could write could match this epic yet concise and insightful review; if Public Radio International had any sense, they would give this guy a development deal for a weekly syndicated show immediately:

Seriously, I find this ramble hypnotic; at first, I wrote the guy off as a moron after he implied that Kevin Smith was on par with Frank Miller and Ann Nocenti, even if it's just as authors of "all the ......... stuff you're supposed to read to get into Daredevil," but I still found myself listening to a few minutes of assessing the book's bang-for-your-buck and then eight minutes of plot summary, only to hear him cap that off with "the plot isn't all that exciting."

I hope I never find out if, before he clicked "record," this guy:

A. had any idea what he was going to say about the book
B. wrote any of those thoughts down
C. knew that there are scads of free, easy-to-use audio-editing programs available online
D. actually listened to all 10:40 of this before deciding whether or not to upload it
E. listened to all 10:40 of this after uploading it
F. actually listened to all 10:40 of this while he was speaking it in the first place

I actually laughed out loud when he laid the blame for his biggest beef with the book -- that it ends with an out-of-nowhere crossover tie-in [I think it's "Inferno" but I have no interest in looking it up] -- at Nocenti's feet! "This writer -- I think it's a woman, but I'm not sure so I will say 'the writer.'" Isn't that almost sweet, the idea that ex-Marvel freelancers have control [or much of any input at all] over how their 20+ year old material is packaged? I hate comics.

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