The rest of yesterday

After dithering and/or threatening to ditch my Palm Treo 755P and Sprint service for a few years, I finally bought an Android phone [the Motorola Droid 3; I can't live without a physical QWERTY keyboard, no matter how damaged my hands become] and a two-year Verizon contract. Huzzah for a smartphone with a functioning E key and the reported death of incessant roaming charges! Once the nice UPS man finally delivered my package, I had no choice but take on a victory lap around the the neighborhood [straight to the Grocery Outlet for eggs and milk so I could make my pal Nena a Jamaican-spice tea bread with a Puerto Rican vanilla/brown-sugar flavored glaze this morning. I dunno what to think of the D3's battery having a 60% charge straight out of the box -- I guess it could mean anything, and that means nothing. My cellphone world just turned Technicolor, regardless.

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