Little Man, Abuela and Lyndon Johnson, together again.

Little Man and His Amazing Friends

Yes, the stalled-out remnants of the Lee & Katia superstorms are probably going to pound the unholy living shit out of Binghamton for the rest of this week -- it's projected to be even worse than the 2006 flood -- but Little Man abides, the old folks were placed in a high, dry & air-conditioned location in an orderly manner and nearly all possible preparations were in place well in advance of the main destruction tonight. No worries-ish.

Some things haven't changed; the local news sucks complete and total ASS: I've had to hit the National Weather Service Web site for concrete information and timely updates rather than the local news media. Most importantly, Little Man is reported to be having a grand old time billeted with my sister's cats.

Here's hoping the predictions are grossly exaggerated, like last week's Hurricane Irene was.

The Dynamic Duo

9PM Update: Argh. My sister and the rest of the East side of Binghamton are being evacuated. Littles and the other cats staying behind with lots of food & water; it's a second-floor apartment right a stone's throw from a Toyota dealership that did a champion job of building supplemental barriers to what the engineers already had in place, so it would have to be a full-blown aquatic apocalypse for the cats to be endangered. Still, I really hate myself for not wheedling the paperwork for Little Man to have flown back to Portland with me from the vet's office a few months ago.

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