Last flood post for the day, promise.

I do have work I should be doing, after all:

This is my new favorite young-old-man activity -- listening to the online scanner streams of Broome/Tioga/Susquehanna County Public Safety and Firefighter radio bands on my iTunes; I would use the site's web player but it doesn't show what department is using the frequency, which iTunes does. The EMS/Police band was the soundtrack of last night and this afternoon and the difference in chatter is striking; last night was all about evacuating neighborhoods and coordinating with technical crews to turn water-endangered facilities off before they explode, today is mostly about catching looters and assorted trespassers, and investigating fire alarms/reports. The radio squawking is so soothing, I actually fell asleep to it last night/this morning. [This police-code cheat sheet is also handy; now I finally understand why they sound upbeat about calling in a 10-7.]


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