It's bad in Binghamton. How bad?

Really, really fucking bad:

Today's update: No news about the East Side -- the radio station I was following online that had continuous updates & info went dark after their webfeed's antennae was taken out by the water -- but Little Man and his pals must be safe. They just must be.

My mother and siblings were evacuated yet again this morning -- third collective time's the charm -- and are surviving at a nearby high school triage that was thrown together once the University crisis center was full. The high school situation flirts a bit with LORD OF THE FLIES psychosis about who gets to use the power outlets, people on oxygen machines or people who want to charge their cell phones, but supposedly it's not raining as hard today as predicted, so yay, maybe.

It's largely futile to watch these five Susquehanna-river webcams now -- if there were any landmarks to give their images a sense of location or scale, they're fully submerged -- but it still seems impossible that things could still get as even-worse as the flood-stage chart on the bottom still projects.

A little A/V:

The water table is full, so it's gushing out wherever it can:

I think I peed my pants a little seeing this video:

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