Final Treo Photo: Sept. 30, 2011

Seven years, almost 10,000 photos, more than 10,000 texts and untold
hundreds of dropped phone calls later, it's time for my squat little
companion to become my squat little semi-portable 4GB MP3 player*, at
least until I figure out how to transfer all of my data off it without
a proper sync cable. Someday, I'll tell someone else's grandkids all
about my valiant little smartphone and how Palm was once the bleeding
edge of communication technology and somehow pissed it all away in the
course of a handful of years.

Tomorrow, I finally begin photoblogging with a camera that can see
clearer than I can; this can only end badly, I'm sure.

* "My new MP3 player" seems to be the only retirement any of my
high-tech equipment gets to enjoy before total collapse and death,
e.g. my old Dell laptop and Treo 650 [before I returned it for credit
on the 755]. I figure, in these days, why should humans be the only
ones forced to work to their utmost, albeit diminishing, capacity
until their batteries can no longer hold a charge?

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