I still owe Tim a post about Strats vs. Teles.

How long can you endure this video? I made it to 1:49 before I had to stop, then I clicked to the middle of the clip and saw it only gets worse. I had no idea that a mild douche could be so cheesy.

Apparently, these videos are supposed to sell the guitar being demonstrated, in this case a genuine 1957 "Mary Kaye" Fender Stratocaster. Even when I had too much money to burn, I doubt I would have ever spent any on guitars that have been touched in public by some jerk sporting a soul patch. I'm sure Mr. X is a lovely man and his dog loves him, but, um, this is not a good way to sell anything that sells for the upper five figures to middle six if you can get enough rock stars and Japanese businessmen bidding on it.

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