Buy some books/minicomics/zines and help stick it to cancer.

Dylan Williams is a truly great guy. He's also a very private guy and a very ill guy at the moment. This is why dozens of his friends, admirers and acquaintances are posting notes like this all over the Internet today. This speaks to the measure of the man, and that integrity carries over into the work he's already done at Sparkplug.

You should go to his site right now and fill your sad-looking bookshelves with stuff he publishes/distributes. This ain't no library, and hospitals expect to get paid.

There's a good-sized preview for nearly everything Sparkplug sells, but might I recommend Sir or Madam treat themselves [if they haven't already] to the joys of the following?:

The Victorian horror/thriller anthology ORCHID, which would also make a great early Xmas gift to any comics-curious relative you have.

Chris Cilla's THE HEAVY HAND, Jason Shiga's BOOKHUNTER and/or Rina Ayuyang's WHIRLWIND WONDERLAND, which deserve all the praise they've gotten but would be burning through third printings if this were a just world.

Perhaps you should check to see if you have any holes in your David King, Eric Haven or 1-800 MICE collections?

Trevor Alixopulos' THE HOT BREATH OF WAR might be a good one to give to any dorm-bound freshman, your dropout-PoliSci uncle or you, if you've been denying yourself all this time.

I've not seen it, but I can believe people who say that John Hanckiewicz's ASTHMA collection is a shoo-in to be one of the best books of the year.

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