Best Nephew & Sister, Ever

Got a call a little bit ago from the home office; my sister and nephew were taking stuff out of the storage area in my mother's basement in case Hurricane Irene is strong enough to flood it tomorrow. My nephew told me there's a really heavy box that says "Vox" -- am I OK if it stays down there?

I have no idea what box that could be -- I have three-and-a-half plastic bins in storage; I thought it was all stuff that was [or can be, if I ever find the heart to look at it again] salvaged from the '06 flood. At least two of the bins are full of cassettes and records that I keep solely as proof that I once owned a hard copy of all the non-public-domain mp3s I have, but a box marked "Vox" that's too heavy for one person to carry up the stairs? No idea. As senile as I am, I know I didn't buy a replacement AC30 amp only to leave it down there and forget about it.

So, they took a quick picture of the bin and texted it to me:

Holy flaming-blue shitballs, when did I leave my footpedals down there???

Left to right, top to bottom: carrying bag for a first generation Vox wah-wah, my first digital tuner [feh], BOSS DM-3 Delay, "potato bug" Ibanez Tube Screamer, BOSS VB-2 Vibrato, generic on/off switch for my [not pictured] DOD rackmount Spring Reverb, "black label" Japanese-made BOSS PH-2 Super Phaser and the Vox wah. Underneath those are a few hundred cassettes [and maybe some vinyl; no wonder why they couldn't lift it]. Whew!

Should my sentimental attachment and delusions that I've ever be in a band where I could comfortably gig with them fade, I will totally contribute a 15% [re-]finder's fee from the sale proceeds to my nephew's college tuition for his work saving my beloved stompboxes today.

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