Dinner at the Sunshine Tavern

Hey look, another fine, fancy-but-ironic-T-shirt-friendly joint opened
on SE Division! Their poutine wasn't nearly as good as Potato
Champions, nor is their fried chicken a patch on the Screen Door's,
but the burger was better than Foster Burger. Sunshine's homemade
honey ice cream was the highlight of the meal, but the old-school,
chocolate hard shell [cocoa, salt & olive oil] was a bit salty. Staff
was extremely attentive in the best new-PDX-restaurant tradition, the
windows are huge and very,um, sunshiny if there were any sun, and they
probably qualify for tavernship for just the still-working Pac-Man &
Donkey Kong cabinets in addition to a shuffleboard table. Taken and
eaten on the 30th.

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