Behold, the best burgers & chili fries in PDX so far

Since I went into exile, they've set up up a humming foodcart pod near the video store on SE Belmont. It's great -- nearly every cart-friendly cuisine is represented and the smell is delightful -- something you can't always say about these pods for some reason. Etta is the mobile ancester to the Violetta restaurant downtown: the cow & turkey burgers and chili fries we had were made of the right ingrdients cooked just right, so that you could actually taste what you're eating for a change. However, the pear-flavored Hot Lips soda was a let-down -- I voted for cherry, but was talked out of it by my lady, who made a good case that it might taste like carbonated cough syrup. After we ate, we snagged a pint of lemon-coconut ic cream from the 50 Licks cart to share with friends who were inspired by our It's-too-nice-out-to-cook attitude earlier in the evening. Taken Friday.

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