Questions of last night

I've not seen the definitely long-over Dawson-Diacano (sp) and Pascal-Hopkins fights and still dunno who won, but the the question that will/did determine the results of each fight is the same: Did the young lion learn from his mistakes in his setback (losing to Pascal in a terrible showing for Dawson, looking almost as bad as Dawson in eeking out a draw against Hopkins for Pascal) and not lose his drive for excellence in that failure?

I'm guessing Dawson did, or will look good enough against a fairly soft opponent for his comeback that he'll at least look like he's been born again hard. I doubt Pascal has come off his Hopkins encounter undamaged, but the old man may finally be too old to take a title instead of holding victory from the opening bell and spending the next 48 minutes clinically frustrating a lesser boxer with his superior skills. If B-Hop doesn't get dropped early, like he was in the first meeting, the light-heavyweight championship is his.

Still haven't seen the fights, but Hopkins doing pushups to taunt Pascal and his cornermen for dragging their feet to resume the fight straight-up owns:

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