John Cleese on creativity

Not the best writer of his peer group, and he had an unfortunately protracted flirtation with Robert McKee's screenwriting-seminar guidelines, but this is a great little chat about how to just do the work.

Dinner at Thai Cottage, yesterday

The chicken basil was decent, but the (unpictured) red-curry-and-nutmeg crispy duck was devoon. The afterdinner pineapple boat & sugar-salt was a pleasant surprise in every sense.

Shopping at FM

Dill Weed; Always Funny. Plus interesting melons. Taken the 27th.

OW progress

Yesterday. My hand hurts a lot more than my knee, but that's because I type more than I walk.


I had hoped/assumed that, gross as it looked, most of the red of these wounds was mostly just seeped blood that just needed to be cleaned off. Turns out I took the top skin layers off but didn't break the skin except at the pointy bit of the knee, visible as the dark spot in my knee's scrape. Huzzah.


I got home, unpacked my car, caught up with my roommates and then headed out for a post-dusk walk in the neighborhood .... most likely to the Mexican bakery and/or Safeway to restock my supply of brain gasoline. About two blocks from the bakery, on a dark patch of sidewalk next to a big tree, I tripped hard on a broken, raised chunk of sidewalk. Luckily, the bulk of damaged sustained is on my right side (knee, knuckles, wrist and palm -- how my elbow and forearm escaped, I dunno) which I still have limited sensation in thanks to what seems to be a pinched nerve. The right knee of my "cute butt" pants is shredded and bloody, alas, but the only sharp pain is in my hand (doesn't help that I've been punching the bejeezus out of a heavy bag almost every day this week) and in my left knee. Whee.

The cat I call "Lyle."

He's much more of an outdoor cat, he knows how to strike a pose in bed when anyone shows an iota of interest.

Yesterday and today

Walking by Grandma's Funk Furniture's pick-up yard. Seafoam Green makes everything look great even a pic'a'nic table.

Curbside piece of Cadillac art, which exhaled the moldy seawater smell of a good old (as compared to "used" or "vintage") bookstore.

August 17, 2010

Many stuffs.

Seuss the Cat

I'm still house/petsitting. I don't remember this fellow's name so I've been calling him Seuss since he looks like Ted Geisel drew him. This is easily the most lovey-dovey cat I've ever seen -- he rubs up against everything and only stops purring when he's asleep. Taken Tuesday.


Salsafied three-aging-egg omelette. The tortoise finally came out of hiding, and the cat who looks vaguely like Lyle from ACHEWOOD is officially on my shitlist.


This is going to be a very, very long four or five days. Really, Comcast Xfinity? TCM costs extra? Turner, Comedy Central and History Channel are the only three reasons to both with getting even basic cable.

Dewey DD extra

I dunno how the middle photo moved to the back of my photo folder. This will probably be folded into the other two photos .... when/if the goofball I'm house/petsitting for ever calls me back to tell me what the password is to access the wireless router here.

Dewey is a closet comics nerd.

Even cats are catching on that Ann Nocenti's run on DAREDEVIL is the series' best and easily one of the most underrated superduper funnybooks of our lifetimes. Not to oversell it or anything.

The second photo makes me laugh a lot -- Dü almost looks to be rolling his eyes.

Three more from Saturday

I was going to call the first photo an alternate cover image for Chuck Berry's album ST. LOUIS TO LIVERPOOL, but I see now that the street is actually New York. Oops. I essentially shoot all my outside photos blind, mostly because I am.

Next: What the hell is a condom dispenser doing in Powell's men's room? Do they sell mud flaps and unbreakable combs on some floor of the City of Books that I've not visited yet? Then: possibly the greatest worst paperback cover I've ever seen. One way or the other, there's no way the innards could live up/down to the outside.

Moving in together so fast

Little Man and Lyndon Johnson, in the little green house 3,000 miles away.

Saturday foods

I didn't fully commit to burning a Quorn turkey loaf -- there must be a way to seriously brown the outside without drying the inside out. Then, I lost my Whole Foods viriginity after going shopping for lady clothes (not for me, duh) and then strolling around downtown.