Go read. Or don't, see if I care.

Still unpacking, too fried to think but regardless, there is nothing I could ever write that would be more worthy of anyone's time than design genius Milton Glaser's "Ten Things I Have Learned."

Railroad bridge to Jantzen Beach

Amtrak still goes through the town.

The Long National Nightmare Is Over

The kitchen magnets have been unpacked. I still refuse to believe that today actually is Friday. Friday?

Stripped and refinished floors

And a vent. Last night, just prior to collapsing for 12 or so hours.

Black-bean & veg. soup & tempeh Rueben

Dinner at the local dirty-hippie store/restaurant. Haven't been in St. John more than three hours and already accosted by a passive-agressive homeless guy and noodly live jazz. Huzzah!

P.S. I just realized that I don't recall ever seeing a homeless Hispanic or Asian dude. Am I living a sheltered life or is there something to consider there?

Um, hello there?

Can't really do the "surprised to stop in front place" bit on this move. 7:30-ish yesterday.

Dewey Con Wabbit

Loading the car to make a quick getaway before having to make further awkward smalltalk with the landlord and yet another contractor. Six-ish last night.

One more free piece of furniture


Baby, The Rain Must Fall.

Dewey gracefully accepts defeat following one of our final games of Staircase-Balistrade Grabass.

Free Furniture, Part II

One fine entertainment center (electronics not included), a handy shelving unit (again, everything on the shelves not included) and two vacuums. The vintage model needs a new plug, and the Dirt Devil has a new belt but requires a bit of fine-tuning. Again, email Zack to call dibs ASAP: zacksoto@gmail.com.

Free to anyone in PDX who wants it and will come get it

Zack's green warhorse of a couch, Dewey's side chair/scratching post, the charmingly rustic porch bed (needs a new mattress, or a good cover) and one bigass Sony television (works but needs to have some Nielson Ratings gear uninstalled before it can be taken away). Email zacksoto@gmail.com, first come first served.

My balcony, from below.

Never spent any time in the backyard before -- I must look even more powerful and overwhelming to my subjects than I had imagined.

Curbside art with wings

This car has been parked in this spot for at least three months.

Shattered vinyl, parking-lot art

Out and about in the morning. Somedays, PDX really disappoints me.

Dewey x 3

Flat on his back and enjoying the breeze and the sunshine while I photoblog.

This morning

Any time the front door is opened now, Dü scatters for the upstairs hallway closet.

Dewey considered going into the light

I had a good joke for 26 cents on a pussy, but it's now lost to history. End of yesterday.

Dewey x 5

It's remarkable how little there to do in a nearly empty room aside from taking pictures of cats. Still yesterday afternoon.

Farewell, my balcony.

Nevermore shall I silently disapprove of all that I survey from this perch.

Lunch at the Thai restaurant disguised as an ice-cream walkup

The most bland chicken fried rice I've ever had; I made the mistake of looking more at the ingredient lists than the actual dishes. Still, the menu promised a half-dozen more vegetables than what I got. Rice, a handful of stringy chicken and a quarter bag of frozen mixed vegetables.

Stairwell, hallway, living room

Running my phone's battery down photoblogging. It beats trying to clean legacy stains in the kitchen.