Thursday Afternoon Movies: IT CAME FROM HOLLYWOOD

You probably loved this movie when you were 8; it's the proto-MST3K homage/savaging of scads of crappy drive-in/exploitation B-movies, IT CAME FROM HOLLYWOOD.

I've often wondered about the making of the film, which stars an odd mishmash of Cheech & Chong, Not Ready For Prime Time Players Dan Aykroyd and Gilda Radner and SCTV alum John Candy. I don't know who I would pick out of early '80s Hollywood's comedy pool to host these segments -- well, Cheech & Chong are a gimmie on the marijuana-scare films -- but it's still a random bunch of comedians. Aykroyd is a well-known supernatural devotee, but was John Candy really that into GLENN OR GLENDA, or did he pick the short straw?

In retrospect, the new bits and one-liners aren't as funny as you remember and it turns out [all glory to the DVD making it cheap & easy for studios to release virtually every film in their archives, no matter how bad] that some of the movies aren't as bad as the clips in ICFH suggest -- then again, MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 did raise the bar sky-high, even retroactively, so we shouldn't be so mean.

Also, this film should be considered, the Medveds and their books be damned, as ground zero for Ed Wood's rebirth as a schlock visionary. Take that however you'd like.


ps. I would say that ITFH certainly aged better than MAD MOVIES, but MM was terrible even back then.

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