Friday Night Fights: Why I'm Not 100% Into MMA. Yet.

I know that Mixed Martial Arts has come a long way since its unrulier and gayer years, but this is still the sort of fight I think of when I think of MMA. This and that fight between a blonde Japanese dude and a guy who looked like Sgt. Slaughter's shorter, pornstached little brother. You know the one, I'm sure; it was a Thing on the Internet for almost a full day once.

Anyway, this fight would be awesome if it had been cockpunching instead of cockrubbing, and it all took place in two minutes instead of almost 20.

Since a few people have asked: I've been spending my boxing time digging into financial reports for some cards, not watching the sport; I know I haven't missed much.

We should all publicly give Shannon Briggs his props now for sustaining 12 full rounds of undoubtedly brain-damaging punches from Vitali Klitschko, as he doesn't have long before he won't be able to remember or understand the concept of "props." What a brave, tough corner Briggs had! I assume the referee took a cigarette break outside during the final half of the fight, which is the only explanation for why a one-sided beatdown could have made it past the seventh or eighth rounds.

Predictions for the rest of 2010's pick 'em fights:

Allan Green vs. Glen Johnson -- The comics nerd will choke again, so the old man takes it if he can really drop down to 168 without destroying himself.

Sergio Martinez vs. Paul Williams -- As much as I love Martinez, Williams does a remarkable job of learning from his mistakes [ask Carlos Quintana], so, assuming Williams and/or his camp acknowledge that Martinez really was the one who barely won the first fight, Williams should have the payback momentum behind him. Also, Williams didn't look so hot against Cintron before the bizarre stoppage, which should also add to his hunger. I wouldn't be surprised if Martinez is still flying high after beating Pavlik and perhaps not taking the fight as seriously as he could.

Arthur Abraham vs. Carl Froch -- Abraham will wreck Froch in exchanges more than the other way around. KO before the championship rounds.

Amir Khan vs. Marcos Maidana -- Khan has a great jab, Maidana has a puncher's chance. Either a late TKO or UD for Khan or a KO for Maidana.

Yonnhy Perez vs. Joseph Agbeko and Vic Darchinyan vs. Abner Mares -- I don't know as much about the current batamweights as I'd like, but I would guess Perez and Mares win by decision.

Jean Pascal vs. Bernard Hopkins -- the old man gives another clinic in how to beat-ugly a younger, sloppier champion.

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