What a waste of a perfectly good underground lair.

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I don't smoke marijuana, but I don't think you have to have any interest in drugs to covet The Great Tennessee Pot Cave. Who didn't dream of having a secret sanctum in their house when they grew up? This one was like the Bat-Cave for stoners, only Batman would have been smart enough to hire a migrant worker or two run on a treadmill to power the grow lights instead of stealing a massive amount of electricity from the local utilities company.

Some of those photos remind me of the chocolate river, "Pure Imagination" set from WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY -- bright greens framed on all sides by gray and gray-brown -- maybe these pot farmers could have painted and dressed the migrant workers like Oompa-Loompas and have them run on the treadmills. Shame is a great motivator for runners who hit the wall .... I would assume.

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These guys made an estimated $6-8 million a year, but no one wanted to throw a few bucks toward buying a generator or two, or cook up a clever way to get the juice they needed legally but in a way that wouldn't raise suspicion [separate accounts, extension cords, etc.]? Dumbasses. Why go to the trouble of putting a heavy, hydraulically powered door on your secret headquarters if you're going to do anything that draws attention to it?

A fairly cool-looking house sitting atop a massive furnished cave complete with an escape hatch to the back yard -- whoever burned it down committed a crime against the collective dreams of every sentient male human being who reached the age of 12.

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