Son of the Bride of Movies I want released on DVD right now.

All Night Long (1962)
Patrick McGoohan's death was a hard one for me -- that is, slightly harder than the death of any other stranger, but I've been a great admirer of McGoohan's work and life for most of my adult years. I've never seen it, but I understand that ALL NIGHT LONG is a jazz retelling of OTHELLO featuring Charles Mingus and Dave Brubeck, featuring McGoohan as a tempestuous drummer -- how could it not be awesome?

[I'm tempted to buy the Disney Treasures set of DR SYN: THE SCARECROW OF ROMNEY MARSH -- which I've also not seen, but how could an adventure miniseries starring Patrick as a Zorro-ish country priest not be at least amusing? -- but until I have money enough to afford buying mere amusements.]

Jose Torres (1959) Jose Torres II (1965)
I have it on good authority that the one-two of Hiroshi Teshigahara's profiles of the writer/light heavyweight champion comprise one of the top-five best boxing movies ever made. [In a similar vein -- how close to greatness it is, I don't know -- why isn't James Toback's TYSON out on DVD yet?]

Kill Gil Volume 1 and 2 (2006)
I saw most of Gil Rossellini's film memoir of his life after a staph infection paralyses and nearly kills him on the Sundance channel the day that Rossellini succumbed to complications from the infection. I would imagine that a collected disk of both volumes and the "2 1/2" update film will be published someday. It's a remarkable story; Rossellini seems remarkably aware, without belaboring it, that before his illness he was a total showbiz relative, slipstreaming off the family name and having a grand old time of life. But Gil admirably shows that he's his father's son by veering way the hell away from what could easy have been framed as a typical redemption story -- the continental swell lives a charmed life under serious adversity forces him to evolve into a better, deeper man -- into an often funny, remarkably unsentimental territory.

That Sunday (1994)
I know nothing of Dan Zeff -- judging by his filmography, he seems to pay the bills directing TV and makes delightful, light romantic-comedy short films when he can. It's weird that he doesn't have a Web site, but maybe it's a British thing. Anyway, THAT SUNDAY stars a young Minnie Driver and Alan Cummings as a couple recounting the twists and turns of .... a Sunday. They made this film shortly before CIRCLE OF FRIENDS, which plods where this movie skips. In the alternate universe where I took the job at Shout Factory instead of the one at Fantagraphics, a collection of Zeff's short remains an unspectacular but steady backline seller.

The 1748th step on the last road home.

homey linkparkin'

Mother Earth shows us how to build stuff, like how to repair apartment stuff before you move.

Organized Home shows us how to organize a home. Less eco-friendly at times, but still useful.


I just had a revelation -- I'm sure that I'm the 476th boxing fan to realize this -- while staring at that remarkable dueling scar or whatever the hell it is running down the side of Teddy Atlas' head: I realized that the two best trainers in the sport today are pretty significantly physically impaired: Freddie Roach is widely cited as boxing's best active trainer, and he has Pugilist Parkinson's disease as a result of his earlier career as a fighter. And Floyd Mayweather Sr. has sarcoidosis, the same debilitating disease that recently killed comedian Bernie Mac. I'm not a fan of the idea that trainers indulge in proxy wars with their fighters, but it's always fascinating to observe Roach vs. Mayweather face off in the gym, at the press conferences and then across the ring.

[By the way, if he's continuing the regimin he was on for the De La Hoya fight, Manny Pacquiao will TKO Ricky Hatton by the 7th round. I may put actual cash money dollars on this one, if I can do it legally; it's been a long time since I made a real bet.]

Please don't call it "Jew Coke."

Passover is my least-disliked holiday season for almost a full decade now, because I like the specially-bottled kosher soda available then. It turns out that the suits are finally catching on that high-fructose corn syrup sucks and pisses consumers off. It says a lot about how toxic the food in American supermarkets has become that they're marketing sugar-laden junk food as "natural."

"It's really kind of mortifyingly vaginal."

I forget how I happened across Overheard Everywhere Euphemisms. I like it.

Still haven't listened to the CRUMB commentary.

The Mighty Robin Bougie unleashes THE WORST DVD AUDIO COMMENTARIES OF ALL TIME -- I would agree that the CONAN commentary is the greatest. Well, it's tied with Jeremy Piven's virtuoso solo of passive-aggression on the PCU commentary.

[See also: Commentary Tracks Of The Damned

Regarding the Binghamton shootings.

I've been safe and mostly sound, sitting in a government lockbox all day, no worries. I have witnesses who can confirm said alibi, thank you very much.

The 1747th step on the last road home.