Wilson has needs. Please give.

S. Clay Wilson's girlfriend has set up a trust to help pay for his special needs. She says she hopes to bring him home from the hospital soon, so anything we can send to the fund is most appreciated.

The 1744th step on the last road home.

I think I understand why I've had so much trouble conversing of late.

Every morning for weeks, I awaken to the sound of a jet engine firing from being off to a full idle. It's not obvious, it's certainly not deafening but it's there whenever I try to talk with people. I had written it off as simply my hearing starting to crap out in my old age -- we all know those television commercials for hearing aids when you just can't follow a conversation or need the television louder than you used to have it set, right? -- and it's a sort of comforting sound.

It just occurred to me why I find it so agreeable; it's the same sound I used to here when I was able to write on my own impulse. I used to think it was wrong, that I should fight it with having a TV, a radio, a CD and/or an MP3 player running at once, but it been gone for so long that I've missed it without fully realizing what I had lost. I like it, I'm going to do what I must to keep it. Which could be a problem.

The 1741st step on the last road home.