Ok, so I have chris john confused with someone else

Someone with punching power. He's still public-housing Rocky Juarez, who will still take way more of the judges' cards than he earned.

Juarez-John prediction

Chris John's bigger threats are Lawrence Cole's refereeing and the Texas athletic comission's love of home cookin', not Juarez's right and left fists. Stoppage by the seventh.

The 1713th step on the last road home.

Diet Pepsi Max

I awoke this morning to what I imagine a mild hangout feels like. Also, I'm pretty sure an anemic vulture shat in a Russian soldier's sock and stuck in my mouth some time in the night.

On an unrelated note: I've had Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way" intermitantly looped in my head for months. Only it's Patrick McGoohan speaking the lyrics. Something must be done about this some time before summer.

The 1693rd step on the last road home.

Diet Pepsi Max

With ginseng and almost twice the caffeine, it kicks a lot harder than I figured. It's been about four hours since I had half a bottle and not only am I wide awake, every thought in my head is still expressed with either Little Richard's voice or his "AWOO!" at the end. AWOO!

The 1692nd step on the last road home.

In the car the other day

We heard the Bee Gees' GREASE theme on the radio -- I had never noticed before that there's a drum break near the end of the song. I imagine few people have ever noticed it, including the drummer and possibly the producers. It's not so much a short drum solo as the other instruments just rest for a couple of bars. I wonder if that was intentional. Nobody told the the drummer it was his chance to solo? I hope he got at least one chance to shine on tape; I would assume that they don't let you into the Drummers Hall of Fame for just counting to four consistently a few times when people might be listening.

I am not dead, although I've had days when I wasn't so sure.

The KIND Walnut & Date bar tastes like linseed oil.

The 1688th step on the last road home.