Margarito-Mosely prediction

I half to three-fifths expect old Sugar Shane to be killed in the ring tonight, no surprise old-fighter-who-the-headless-head-of-HBO-sports-has-heard-of actually defeating the young hot fighter a la Hopkins and bronchitis versus Pavlik.

MONDAY MORNING EDIT: Well, shit. I really should just start betting real money against my boxing instincts or pay closer attention to the pre-fight press. I had no idea Mosley had fired his father as trainer and hooked up with Phillydawg Nazeem Richardson. Other than the fix on the Berto-Collazo decision, headline boxing has been one uninterrupted streak of upsets for, what, two months now? Very exciting.

So, Antonio Margarito may have been cheating all along? I'm still trying to wrap my mind around that, although I think I might actually like him more if he's a dirty fighter. A moisture-hardening substance in his fist wraps would explain why he takes so long to start banging the shit out of his opponents.

I liked the new format HBO is using for their broadcasts -- they even took the time to air some dirty laundry about Mosley and the evergreen BALCO scandal -- even if they dropped all of the undercard fights from the air to showcase the featured match over 90 minutes. Well, 80 minutes -- I wonder if the show's producers did the scheduling math wrong.

The 1678th step on the last road home.