Three DVD Thee

It appears to be a ghost ship of a Web site now, but still has a handy collection of Easter Eggs for DVDs produced between 1998-2005. looks more up to date, but with a cheesier interface. It's unfortunate that there's not one all-in EE site, a database of all eggs from Warren Robinett's "dot" in the Atari 2600 ADVENTURE game to the Morse code on most Western Digital external drives to the third side of Monty Python's MATCHING TIE AND HANDKERCHIEF, etc.

My Favorite Letter, duh.

If one has a desire to kill time and marvel at the many ways of typography, there are few places better to go than Movie Title Screens.

Harold and Kumar can't believe that URL tit le either.

It's a terrible URL name, but is packed with detailed run-downs of the differences between a film's theatrical and home-video releases, and any other possible alternate edits.

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