FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS: "Day Of The Fight (1951)"

Stanley Kubrick's first motion picture: a 16-minute short that documents the day in the life [April 17, 1950] of Irish middleweight boxer Walter Cartier when he fought Bobby James in a fight card at Laurel Garden, Newark, NJ. If Cartier looks familiar it's because after retiring from boxing, he became an actor; he's probably best known for guest spots as Pvt. Claude Dillingham in SERGEANT BILKO. James is apparently still alive, having racked up an overall losing record of 19(KO4)-24(KO11)-3 before retiring in 1955. If the old man still has his marbles, some Kubrickphile should track him down and get his impressions of the fight and Kubrick's film, if he has any.

Unfortunately, this isn't the best print of the documentary that's out there, but it's still Kubrick and fairly watchable. If you'd like to download this file, it's here.

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