Your pulp/painting/photo links for the evening. With pictures for a change.

Utrecht's Web store, of all places, has the simplest breakdown of Verdaccio underpainting I've ever seen. I would like to declare a Mulligan and get a do-over on Oil Painting 102 now, please.

Here's the main page to a huge, handy directory/checklist of old magazines. I've been looking at a lot of Norman Saunders for work, but I really like some of these BLACK BOOK DETECTIVE pieces. Seeing so many covers at once makes it obvious what tricks they used to catch a browser's eye; I seriously doubt 1940s women wore red as often as those covers would suggest. Other magazines had yellow as the house style, some green. No blues, it seems; probably wouldn't pop as well off the men's' clothes and the chiaroscuro backgrounds. Not a lot of flood/florescent lighting in pulp illustration.

Another find probably from the WFMU Blog a million years ago: Brian Ulrich takes remarkable photos of shoppers shopping. He had only just started the series with retail images, but he's now branched out to do thrift stores, fairs and dark stores. They're immediately striking but linger in memory, which is more than I can say for any photographic artwork I've seen in years.

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