Earth's Mightiest Elitist!

How did Domingos Isabelinho's blog somehow stay off my radar for so long? I mean, aside from me not reading any comics link-blogs in the last five years. Domingos is the Man; even when I've strongly disagreed with him -- and if I was an alcoholic, I would make a drinking game out of every time he used the word "Manichean" -- but I've always admired how focused and consistent he is about hating crappy work as well as how slyly funny he can be while rhetorically cutting meatheads into tiny pieces. All this written in a second language, no less.

When I had to moderate a message board populated by 20 or so thoughtful, engaging thinkers overrun by a legion of manchildren and spammers, I easily got the most requests to ban Domingos from the board, usually after he posted his thoughts about something like how childish and stupid Jack Kirby's concepts are. [They are, by the way, but that doesn't change the fact that Kirby's art was generally fucking awesome.] Him having his own blog, and being able to scan in illustrations from work unknown here in the States, should rank in the Top 50 reasons why the Internet rules.

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