Suck on this, von Blücher!

Another movie I would like to see someday: KOLBERG (1945) the last hurrah for Nazi cinema, a Napoleonic Epic shot with literally a division-plus number of actual German troops.

Filming started shortly before the Allied invasion of Sicily [the first European step on the long road to Berlin] and was finished for its premiere two weeks after the 1st and 3rd Armies linked back up, marking the end of the Battle of the Bulge. Or, more appropriately, KOLBERG's filming started two weeks after the Jewish resistance in the Warsaw ghetto was crushed -- Warsaw, Poland is listed as one of the locations used in the film -- and the film made its debut two weeks after the Soviets took control of the city.

Y'know, not to offend anyone here, but the Nazis made some really stupid decisions sometimes; I imagine those 15-20,000 troops could probably have been more effective if they hadn't spent so much time playing war for the camera. Nazis were snappy dressers, regardless, so I bet this movie has some kickass costuming.

I'm largely interested to see this one for the color photography and seeing Heinrich George [no relation ... I think] of METROPOLIS fame and JEW SUSS infame in his final role. He died suddenly in a Soviet concentration camp under decidedly suspicious circumstances [ruptured appendix], which is ironic for a deep-red Communist who was built like a brick shithaus.

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