23 Skidoo

I just caught myself saying "We now conclude our broadcast day" as I was shutting off my wireless router. I believe this officially makes me as mentally old as my great-grandparents were when they realized they couldn't get an operator by tapping on the telephone's hook with those fancypants new speaker-and-mouthpiece-in-one-handset phones. TVs don't even broadcast over analog anyway.

Regardless, I will embrace my elderliness and hum the Star Spangled Banner, maybe with a screensaver montage of wildlife and stunning vistas from across America's rich natual bounty before unplugging the router. Good night, Internet, wherever you are.

(ps. The reason most people who know me won't take me to sporting events is that I supply the cymbals through my teeth to the National Anthem. Da dada da da daaaa crrsshh! Da dada da da daaa cssshhhh! Even when they have music for it, it rarely has the percussion needed to put an exclamation point on each line. It wouldn't be so embarrassing to everyone standing around me if people joined in. Try it, my fellow Americans and/or cymbalphiles, you'll see. CCRRRSSSSHHHHH

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