Begin anywhere.

But not here, yet.


Jason said...

I felt the need to Google your gibberish and the first link was the crap poetry of some dude named Frank. Perhaps I just don’t get poetry because I don’t have a masters degree, but let’s give it a try…

In the morning, above the sink, I see myself
unshaved, the beard grown for a dozen years
or more. I wonder what moles might be on my chin.
but I’m not the kind of guy to care for too long
or too much anymore. I wonder, too, if I had
done heroin and slept in gutters if I could win
a scholarship and publish a book?
Instead I have a steady career and earn above
the national household average. This winter I
may take another European vacation and
ponder this some more…

Jason said...

I really hope this dude is not your psedonym complete with fake picture...that would be awkward...

Milo George said...

Actually, "Begin Anywhere" is a John Cage quote I find remarkably useful, considering how I find myself nowhere most of the time.

I create sock puppets only to bait lonely nerds and/or perverts, and all of my semi-autobiographical rambling gets parked in the monkee webcomic that three people actually read here.