I come to bury my weekly bookmark folder, not praise it.

I'm slowly rebuilding this blog into something that's less professionally shameful, and one of the things I've been meaning to restore is a blogroll of sites I visit, or want to visit, on a weekly basis. This has been the plan ... to implememnt, someday ... for the last, oh, six months or so. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the sites -- they're excellent -- but when even the undeniable greatness of ACHEWOOD can be back-burnered for months at a time, it's time that I stop bullshitting myself that the Web holds the same interest to me that it once had. For the auto-anthropological record, here's what was in my "weekly" folder [not counting accessing the Location Bar's memory to visit Sterling, O'Neil and/or Evanier when I need a quick shot of brain junk food]:

PZ Myers
Glenn Greenwald
Glenn Greenwald Radio
Fred Kaplan
Eliot Spitzer
Julia Wertz
Dan Baum
Eddie Campbell

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