And ..... no. It didn't work.

It's StIlL shIftINg tO uPPer & LOwer case at randOM. Damn it all. But, the phone's nice and empty, so I'll have no problem leaving it at the Sprint store. Or the nearest dumpster. Yay.

In case there was any doubt I am a misguidedly soft-hearted dolt

I am about to hard-reset my Treo for the first time. I feel like a parent who's about to perform brain surgery on his child, even though that metaphor makes no sense and I know this. The back plate is off and the stylus is out, I'm holding red button down and about to tap the reset switch ... hail mary full of grace jack lord is with me bless that i style my women and bless ed who is the fruit in thy room jesus ....

The 1592nd step on the last road home.


SO FAR SO gOoD conSiDerInG HOw My tReO kEEps tURningTHE Shift KEy onAND OfF anD CErTAin KEyS AREn'tWORKinG AT ALl.

Countdown to me telling Sprint to fuck off 7:59....

Why is it that the first thing to go on a smartphone is the Hotsync, so that you can't back up your personal data before taking it in to replace [read: get jerked around by some mall clerk to make you sign a new contract in order to get a replacement phone, which you've been paying five bucks a month for literally years as insurance for when it breaks?] it as soon as possible?

The 1590th step on the last road home.

Buying a winter coat

At long last and with a lot of help/tough love, I got a winter coat, undercoat and even a pair of snow boots. I've been without for two years. (It's complicated.) I also got a remaindered copy of Christopher Hitchens' WHY ORWELL MATTERS -- I love reading Hitchens, but I don't trust him. Dinner was a fast salad from Moe's.


Many many foods.

The 1588th step on the last road home.


This really is why people follow this blog.

Let's see how long this takes.


New-To-Me Bands I Like, Part One of ... Five or Six .... maybe.

I was in Albany a few months ago, and caught the last few minutes of a great NPR performance from a Western-swing band with a remarkable female vocalist, but not their name. Luckily, I had a few of the songs, especially "Mister Man In The Moon" ["are you made out of green cheese? or are you simply a lonely man?"] on a loop in my mind for the entire drive home .... and after we arrived -- you know, come to think of it, those songs are still in my head. Anyway, the Google, it told me the band is the Blue Ribbon Boys With Julia Gottlieb, and I even found a rather-tinny sounding mp3 of the Albany show here. And, in the time since I bookmarked those links during one of my occasional breaks from lying on the floor and staring into my eventual oblivion, the band has released a swell CD on

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  • Breakfast fried tofu

    I don't hate the entire continent of America.

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    Library, breakfast and dinner

    Dinner was delighful despite me and my lousy planning skills.

    More cartoonists talking with other cartoonists

    Austin English has a new blog, 20 Questions with Cartoonists -- a lot of his questions are ones I've been thinking about asking a number of writers I know for a while now, so I like/envy 20cartoonquestions already.

    Speaking of cartoonist chat, THE COMIX CLAPTRAP has posted its latest episode.

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