One expensive omelette

At the hotel restaurant, in one big hurry.

Dinner at Miyako


Walking to the Guitar Center. I'll never get used to staying this close to the airport.

The sunnier the day, the darker my photos. I'm only happy when it rains. Hey, there's Macaroni's again.

My first time in a Guitar Center franchise. I've been to the original before, but I've always assumed the worst about the copies -- like the difference between the original McDonald's and all its shitty[ier] clones. This one .... wasn't too bad, certainly better than any other guitar I've been to lately. The seeds of my mania for BOSS pedals may have been germinated, I'm afraid, and I would like a fairly cheap keyboard with weighted keys for my birthday. Along similiar lines:

This is from the first floor of Zombie Planet, a games & comics store I agreed to go to later -- looking for some Mini-Mates for the boy -- which shocked me by being clean and well-stocked, with actually helpful clerks. Other than the discomfort of some items not being priced and the Eltingville meltdown at the front desk, which seemed to last ten minutes with me just wanting to throw my ten bucks over the Magic cards display and running away, was pretty funny at first.

The 1500th step on the last road home.

The Gideons are gonna be pissed.

But we laughed. Waiting for bedtime.

Shopping at Colonie

We wanted to walk a little after dinner, so we went across the street to the mall, peed in LL Bean, looked for a boy present in KB Toys, and browsed and browsed and browsed at Barnes & Noble. I bought myself a remaindered copy of the late John Entwhistle's guitarporn book.

Pesto salmon and green beans

With two guest posts from Jessimaca.

Slightly masochistic dinner

At Buca's, where we can count the number of OK-for-us meals on one hand.

Waiting for our fourth

Goose Xing.

Take a hike

Let the turkey vulture soarrrrrrrrrr