Happy Fourth Birthday, Mr. LASTROADHOME

Yes, it was four years ago today that my stupid little Web comic launched to about the same fanfare it receives now. Please, no more applause, please -- Don't worry, it will get funny and less annoying some time around, oh, 2036, I almost promise.

The 1461st step on the last road home.

Um, that's one-half out of four

I just caught a re-airing of De Leon vs. Lopez -- I got them confused; I probably should have said "whichever one is from Miguel Cotto's home town, via KO before the tenth round." El agua en Caguas es muy fuerte.

The 1448th step on the last road home.

Well now

I missed De Leon/Lopez -- that it was over at 10:33 indicates that it didn't go the distance -- and I low-balled the amount of time Pavlik needed to annihilate Lockett with his over-sophisticated "left jab left jab OVERHAND RIGHT repeat" style. Lockett looked like spoiled chicken boiled in fresh baby blood. Feh. I'm not wild about the 21st's double-booked Berto & Miranda/Abraham cards, so it'll be a few weeks before the PacMan whips David Diaz's ass. Huzzah.

RIP Jim McKay

zzzzzz .... eh? Oh.

Sergio Mora is kind of an unsportsman-like douche, but he won that fight. Only missed about a half hour of the HBO card, huzzah.


I feel like I owe Paul Williams an apology. Holy fucking shit. I guess he was just lazy and looking past Quintana to his next "real" opponent in the previous fight. The Williams whom I loved when he buzzsawed Antonio Margarito for almost 36 solid minutes is back -- at least he is tonight.

I haven't tried predicting any boxing matches in a while

Carlos Quintana vs. Paul Williams -- I'll go with Quintana via a close split decision.

Vernon Forrest vs. Sergio Mora -- um, Forrest wins. Um, yeah.

Kelly Pavlik vs. Gary Lockett -- I've never seen Lockett, but I'll stick to the standard Pavlik fight; The Ghost wins via KO in the sixth.

Daniel Ponce De Leon vs. Juan Manuel Lopez - De Leon by KO before the tenth round.

What assholes at HBO, Showtime and the card promoters schedule these big fights on the same night and time?

The 1447th step on the last road home.