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The Short-Awaited Return of My Shameless Shilling

American Hardcore
I wish I loved hardcore music as much as I love the idea of hardcore music -- a genre, an idiom free of the American original sin of exploiting minority [mainly black] artists. Unless we count the Bad Brains, which I don't think we should. Paul Rachman's film presents hardcore with as little bullshit and self-indulgence as the music itself.

Crumb (Special Edition)
You probably don't need to be told about this movie and why you should own it. I still haven't had a chance to listen to the commentary track by Terry Zwigoff and Roger Ebert, alas.

The Fog of War
This seems to be a form-meets-function day for me; what I like the most about Errol Morris's profile of former Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara is how the film itself feels as haunted by Vietnam as McNamara clearly is.

Spellbound [Not the Hitchcock movie]
What kind of heartless monster can't love at least half of the nutty, slightly annoying kids in this movie?

Who Killed The Electric Car?
As deeply flawed as it is -- structuring it like a court case and judging the various players guilty or not guilty is never a good idea unless there's an actual court case involved -- this documentary is still deeply compelling. Why would Detroit intentionally kill an experimental but highly successful model? It's a shame that Chris Paine & co. didn't allow the audience to decide what the answer is themselves.

The Godfather DVD Collection
At this price it's cheaper to get the set than to buy the first and second films individually, and you get a swell set-exclusive disk of extras. And, for the price [nothing] of the third movie, we can all afford to not like it! Haw haw haw! Oh, Sofia Coppola and Andy Garcia ... the humanity.

The Adventures of Indiana Jones
I am, of course, the perfect age to love the Indiana Jones movies unconditionally. I don't, of course -- well, maybe TEMPLE OF DOOM, which I love for what are apparently all the wrong reasons [too dark, too weird, not enough derring-do, not enough funny moments] -- but they are still incredibly rewatchable for a series that pays homage to/rips off the most unrewarding of junk. It's still sort of odd and amusing to realize how feel-bad the films should be, considering how Indy fails every time.

The 1376th step on the last road home.

my ultimate sharity/music link park

I say ultimate here only because I've vowed to never again save links I want to linkblog about for years. [Of course, I started writing this post six months ago, but my recent conversion to David Allen's GETTING THINGS DONE should/will change things.] I started this post about this time a year ago, updated it on October 7 and, after having it weigh on both my mind and my vague but overambitious to-do lists, I finished it today. Huzzah, never again, etc.

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Studio z, The place for Zappa.

Ten years ago, if someone had told me Bob Dylan would write the most clear-eyed memoir of his generation and have the best radio show being broadcast today, I would have punched that person in the head for talking so crazy. I'm thinking about writing Mr. Dylan an apology.

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A petard large enough for 19 million people

News 10 Now, the "local" 24-hours TV news channel, has been covering the Spitzer resignation live for an hour now. I have no love for the Governor, but it's kind of shocking how lazy and slimy these anchors are being to fill time while he travels from his apartment to the announcement site. Comparisons to the Catholic clergy sex scandals, NEW YORK POST headlines treated like hard, reliable data, etc. Ugh. Nothing like having to go off-script for long periods of time to highlight how liberal the press really is.

Joe Bruno is the only politician I'm afraid of. Holy fucking shit, he's amazing, a step closer to state control with a not-ready-for-prime-time pol like Peterson in the Governor's mansion and a golden opportunity to go nationwide and present himself as a rational public servant who wants to put this unsavory nonsense behind us and take care of the people of New York. Way to fuck us all, Eliot!

He never would have been President, by the way -- people can and someday will vote for a Jewish prez, but never for a bald one.