Tonight's SoTU/OR -- worst batch, ever.

Oppositional responses to the State of the Union, all of which I have not intellectually absorbed. The Bush/Democrat speeches have been tragically/hilariously awful:

2008: Kathleen Sebelius
2007: Jim Webb
2006: Tim Kaine
2005: Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi
2004: Tom Daschle and Nancy Pelosi
2003: Gary Locke
2002: Dick Gephardt

The 1318th step on the last road home.

The 1310th step on the last road home.

It was 21 years ago today ....

Ask not for whom the Budd tolls, this Budd's for you. Or something. I was home from school and watching TV when this aired; it's odd to have been directly exposed to such a textbook, almost classic example of journalism ethics at such a young age. Oh, and seeing a dude blow his brains out on TV, that was kinda weird too.

The 1306th step on the last road home.

Attempting to catch up: Linkpark I 2008

The picture sites I have liked enough to bookmark since my last linkpark:

Right Brain vs. Left Brain, or Change the Internet with The Power of Your Mind, Assuming You Don't Get Distracted By The Implication of The Dancer's Nipple.

Seven amazing holes.

When I had time and energy to kill, I happily wasted a substantial amount refreshing the The Portal of Evil's LiveJournal image thingee page. It's fascinating to see how the content changes/doesn't change as the peak-usage early evening hours comes and go around the world.

As I've thought more and more about getting back into painting [maybe/probably resuming this weekend], I've been seeking out and visiting a lot of pulp art/illustration-type sites, like,,, 1940's Paperback Mysteries [also has '50s & '60s sets too], this Robert McGinnis site and The Sexy Side of PEZ! The '30s Style has been most helpful too.

Guns for Girls. The Care Bear bulletproof vest is a nice touch.

Ogoh ogoh 2007 -- best parade, ever.

Square America, the junk-photo site to end all sites.

Kagogo's Photos, ChrisUK's Photos and Wizzyfrizzy's Photos

LP cover lover and its perverted but distant neighbor, NUDE NUDE NUDE!!!

The Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia at Ferris State University

Not really a pics site, but Oozing Goo makes me long for the days when I could stare at my [dearly departed] lava lamp whenever I needed a break from work.

The Classic Felix the Cat Page -- a remarkable piece of old-school Internet scholarship.

cough cough wheeze wheeze backdating monkee panels is a breeze

Yeah yeah, sue me. I've been sick; FYI, never let your head cold go until it becomes a sinus infection until it becomes sinus and ears infections until it becomes sinus, ears and throat infections until it becomes sinus, ears and throat infections and bronchitis until your throat closes so much from inflammation that you have trouble breathing. I'm still sick and sometimes feel like I'm getting sicker, but nearly a month away from the computer is too long.

For all [19] of my hardcore LAST ROAD HOME readers: the new panels start at The 1268th step [December 11] here; I feel weird about backdating them, but I've been thinking of the project more as a site thing than a blog for a while, so having the correct dates for the panels is more important to me than a forensic record of when I posted them. Also, it's not like these jpegs are time-sensitive stock options or something. My New Year's Resolution is to blog more often [my bookmarks page is about to burst] and actually post the panels on their actual days, though.

The 1291st step on the last road home.