I told you so, in a bottle.

Taylor was dropped with 50-something seconds left in the 7th. If I could have bet the farm on this, I would have. Taylor righteously whipped Pavlik's ass in the second, so there's no shame for being dropped.

Very exciting fight, but I should admit that I only watched about 3/5 of it -- the other 2/5 was spent checking out the black lady in the crowd who kept standing up to cheer Taylor in her 1966 Catwoman outfit. Slinky. Always hot, even if the lady was wrong as two left shoes on who was to win.

Jimmy the Greeking in a bottle

Regarding Jermaine Taylor vs. Kelly Pavlik, I say Pavlik wins by KO in the 7th. Taylor's too old to learn new tricks, even if Manny Steward is his teacher. If Taylor dances enough to somehow remain on his feet at the end of the 12th, he'll win a split decision.

(Sent on the phone from the living room, while Berto & Estrada pummel each other.)

The 1194th step on the last road home.

With an hour until I leave for the airport ....

Considering how common it is for the remnants of a pop-musical group to continue touring with replacement members, usually as the New _____, I'm surprised that the remaining members of the yacht-rock band Orleans [IE. all of them who aren't {The Honorable!} John Hall] don't tour as "New" Orleans. Maybe they could get the [Edie Brickell-less] New New Bohemians to open for them.

With 2.5 hours until I have to be at the airport

I'm watching Showtime Boxing on Demand and doing laundry.

By request, here is The History of Little Man's Names:

Little Man was found under a porch in Philadelphia; the family who lived above him was clearly insane and didn't take him in immediately. They did not bother to name him anything, which underlines the fact that not only were they assholes, they were insane, too.

When Little Man was at the pound, the staff named him "Statesman" -- clearly they too were insane.

When my sister foster-ownered him, she, her friends and my mother came up with the following names for him:

Snowden ["Snowy"]

Theordor ["Teddy"]
Teddy-Bear ["Bear"]

Sullivan ["Sulley"]

Chester ["Charlie"]


Manford ["Manny"]

So they were all clearly deranged as well.

When Little Man adopted me, I only had to look at him closely once to realize, hey, this cat's name is Little Man. The two thalidomide Wayans brothers stole the name from us, for which Little Man plans to sue them into jail, someday.

The 1180th step on the last road home.

The 1179th step on the last road home.

Overthinking Disney Movies In a Bottle

The "Bella Notte" scene in LADY & THE TRAMP is often cited as being
one of the most romantical in film history. It generally doesn't work
well at all if you faithfully recreate it with your lady, however --
but if you ever find a woman who's actually wooed by you and she
eating spaghetti with just your faces in an alley -- you being
bare-assed naked and she wearing nothing but a dog collar -- while two
depraved Italians bellow at you, well, you marry that woman

Destroy All Messages In A Bottle

Watching DESTROY ALL MONSTERS with my ill nephew -- I never noticed that during the Monsterland sequence, when the English voiceover mentions "and there's food in abundance for all the monsters" (words to that effect) a hungry hungry Rodan swoops down into the sea to devour his prey .... A school of dolphins. Say it ain't so, Ro!

(Written on the Treo at 9:15am on 9/11/07, sent at 2am the next day because I was roaming at my sister's house and forgot about this until now.)

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