oh shit, not again.

So, after the purple-luggage affair [I bought a four-piece set in July as an August birthday present; when it finally arrived in September, it was a one-piece set and the package's weight changed with whatever piece of vendor/manufacturer/UPS paperwork you looked at; once the post-mortem and the damaged-package procedure was completed -- including sending the empty box to UPS' office to examine; it's the official protocol, I guess -- a real four-piece arrived a little less than two weeks ago.] I've been a little leery of buying anything online and/or using UPS.

Then Musiciansfriend.com sent me an email that they were waiving their normal $9.99 shipping charge for oversized items. Like guitar cases. Like the Epiphone 335 case that I've been meaning to buy as a replacement for the bulky hardcase that my Harmony/Airline H77 H76 [EDIT: Jason, you fool! If you must delete your posts, delete the ones that dare to correct me first.] came with ... which never really fit and I never used and was mostly ruined by the flood anyway. Totally free shipping on a hardshell case? And they take Paypal? Sold! I bought the Epi and a half-dozen String Swing wallhangers for my guitars. Yay! They shipped the hangers and the case out the next workday, I assume in one box as they gave me only one UPS tracking number for the shipment.

I just checked the UPS tracking page; my package is on time for delivery tomorrow .... but it only weighs 2.4 pounds. Sigh. Everyone cross your fingers for what will await me with tomorrow morning's doorbell ring.