Water, water everywhere

It's now been a year [and 22 hours, but who's counting] since all but a tiny fraction of my belongings were destroyed in a flood that had absolutely positively nothing to do with global climate change whatsoever nosireebob. I found a text file of quotes and saying about water I thought I'd share:

"Only a fool tests the depth of the water with both feet." -- African Proverb

"STREETS FULL OF WATER. PLEASE ADVISE." -- Robert Benchley in a telegram to his editor sent upon his arrival in Venice

"In shallow waters, shrimp make fools of dragons." -- Chinese Proverb

"Don't bargain for fish which are still in the water." -- Indian Proverb, slightly modified [maybe] in Wire's "The Agfers of Kodack"

"If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home. You are like a pebble thrown into water; you become wet on the surface, but are never part of the water." -- James Michener

And a few more flood photos guaranteed to CAUSE NERDS PAIN:

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I had made a sweet deal for a semi-full set of Atom funnybooks in the middle of my Gil Kane mania -- the first year of the Silver Age ATOM series are under those SHOWCASE issues. A fragment of my Frank Miller run of DAREDEVIL to the left, a scattershot of Saudelli and Sala comics to the right and the long boxes that once housed them all along the top.

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One of my uncles was a recovering Lee & Kirby fan; for my birthday just before he died, he filled in every hole in my L&K FANTASTIC FOUR run [at least three dozen late-period issues]. These are a handful of them; I think the only FF I still have is the kickass Annual where the boys have to go into the Negative Zone to get some McGuffin to help Sue safely give birth to Franklin. Even as uninterested in comic books as I've become, that FF Annual is still one of my favorites.

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Even more Silver/Bronze Age Marvels. Part of my work computer can be seen at the top left. [I'm still limping along with my old home laptop.]

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Signed posters, left to right: Will Eisner, two Jack Kirbys and a Beatles [Paul and George]

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A smorgasbord of destroyed comics in a wide spectrum of genres, styles and formats.

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But this is the load that actually hurt to throw out; the Auad-produced Toth books, a few Ditko collections and my NANCY library were the only things I repeatedly tried to save and the last things I threw out.