begrudging admiration for commercial animation

Admiring a commercial really is like admiring a pervert's come-on line, but I have to admit that seeing Peter Max/Heinz Edelmann/The Fool-type graphics move is quite lovely, downright groovy. I was looking for something else when I stumbled across the first clip: while I don't remember ever actually drinking 7-Up, it clearly [groan] had the best ads:

Of course, the best print of the best one I've found doesn't allow embedding, but here's the second-best print:

Very odd, very pretty, pretty odd. I like that the audio sounds 20 years older than the visual, even with the fairly decent Elvis impersonation.

Very ink and painterly, isn't it? Strange how it's almost brown monochrome at times -- I wonder if the original film has degraded or if the director intentionally choose to not go berserk with the color palette, unlike everyone else.

Another mix of groovy style and moldy content. Was using the letters of the product to organize your sales pitch ever really that effective a sales hook? I call BULLSHIT on that - B for the bile it raises in my throat; U for how I always say "You gotta be kidding me" whenever it's used; L,L and S for its Lowered Lowered Standards; H and I for "How is a mnemonic supposed to get me to buy a product I don't need?"; and T for the beverage I would at least consider making with my own urine to drink instead of 7-Up. Satisfaction guaranteed, offer void in Utah, etc.

Not an animated spot, but I could listen to Geoffrey Holder read the names out of the phone book just for the few dozen funny names he'd present with relish over the course of a day.

Wow. The perspective animation is what impressed me, but I don't know how this could be any more early '80s short of the dude having a huge comb in his back pocket. I like that it was clearly made in the brief sweet spot when arcade video games where mainly an adult's entertainment; if you look closely, you catch a fleeting glimpse of a nightclub, and a cigarette in the player's joystick hand.

A much more recent ad -- I'm a sucker for this kind of Chuck Jones "Duck Amok" hand-of-the-creator crap.

Because this blog's huge in India: Yana Gupta and Fido Dido love the UnCola.

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