Don Martin Is Back On Top

I know it's because the most popular comics blogs on the Internets have linked to this post, but I'd like to believe that the world woke up this morning and realized that, even dead, Don Martin is still cooler than Rosie O'Donnell, Donald Trump, Sylvester Stallone, Tobey McGuire, et al. The rest of the Top-50-Search list is currently riddled with other cartoonists outranking A-list celebrities and politicians, which must be completely baffling to anyone outside of comics. "Who the hell is this "ditko" guy, and why is he more searched than Mitt Romney?"

[I've gotten a few emails about this -- the NewsMeat FEC search portal is for a very specific type of political contribution, so if someone doesn't show up in a search there doesn't mean that he or she's not giving lots of money to, say, charities or state or local candidates and whatnot. Name-of-your-favorite-person-here very well could have given money to a federal candidate or PAC fund, just not enough [$200] to make it onto the FEC grid. I post these to amuse myself and maybe you; I'm not issuing indictments for gross hypocrisy against anyone in Internet Nerd Court. Due to insurance regulations, our customers are not allowed in the shop area. Thank you.]