But when the ballot box speaks out -- POP! goes the weasel. [comics edition]

[UPDATES: See also: pop edition and politics edition for other amusing finds. And you folks have taken Don Martin STRAIGHT TO THE TOP OF THE CHARTS, for which I thank you.]

By law for nearly 30 years, the Federal Election Commission keeps records on every individual political donation of $200 or more. I had some down time during a research project, and started entering in names as they came to mind. Here are a few dozen that amused, baffled, delighted and/or shocked me, in the order that I thought of them:

Matt Groening
Hey, Big Spenda! Yet another reason to love Groening: As soon as he started making serious money off THE SIMPSONS, he started regularly pouring some into progressive causes and candidates.

Charles Schulz
I had always known that, as decent and solid a man as he was, Sparky generally supported Republicans anyway. What surprised me is that he backed the oldest of "old man" candidates; McCain in 2000 and Dick Gephardt in 1988. At least there's no Reagan or Bush on his record.

Stan Lee
"The Man" is true blue, but it's curious that he didn't start donating until late in the '94 election.

Paul Levitz
The DC poobah gives regularly to the company's PACs, but I was a little surprised to see his candidate donations being blue. Aren't VPs of megacorps supposed to give Red in return for government contracts and assorted kickbacks?

Bill Mauldin
Wow. My favorite political cartoonist supported .... Bill Clinton in 1992. Again, wow!

Hugh Hefner
He's all blue, which isn't surprising, but his record goes all the way back to the year the FEC started keeping records so it's fascinating to chart his support over the years.

Michael Richardson
The Dark Horse publisher supported a local Dem.

Garry Trudeau
You can probably guess how Blue the DOONESBURY guy is. It's interesting to see some of the candidates he's supported in the primaries, though.

Frank Miller
Frank loves Bubba. I'm surprised that he hasn't shaken out his wallet for some big strong authoritarian politicians in this post-9/11 world, though.

Will Eisner
I'm surprised that Eisner didn't donate more often, considering his personal and professional background.

Johnny Hart
I'm disappointed to not find a lot more wingnut PAC donations and candidates.

Steve Ditko
No, not that Steve Ditko, this one is an Arizona advertising guy -- really, if comics and illustration were real businesses, these kinds of confusions would be avoided; this guy would be Steve middleinitial Ditko on the books, like the Actors/Directors Guild does -- but I'm 95% sure this is a relative of The Steve Ditko. Correct hometown and all.

Mort Walker
Woooo, our first Red wall! At least he gives locally.

Aaron McGruder
What I said about Johnny Hart.

Art Spiegelman
Artie loves George Soros' band of anti-American maniacs. I was a little offended that he didn't get his own entry -- surely he's high-profile enough for the NewsMeat people to give him a little extra work.

Don Martin
This one made me the happiest of all of the dozens of searches I ran. FLOORGATOOGA!