Testing Message Inna Bottle 2.0

So, near the end of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK's third act, Leia, Chewbacca, Lando and the droids are in the Falcon hauling ass away from Cloud City. My question is, where were they going? I can't think of a good answer -- if they're chasing Boba Fett to retrieve Han, why? You can't really raid a spaceship -- even the space pirates in STAR WARS don't fuck around with spacesuits and airlocks -- and even if you could, they could have destroyed Fett's ship as easily as they could disable it enough to board. And why chase Fett at all when you know where he's going and could catch up once you've helped Luke out of the trap you were the bait for in the first place? Wherever they were headed, it took some please-and-thank-yous from Luke to get them to turn the ship around and come back for him. Assholes. Does anyone have any good ideas for where Leia's group was flying to while her dad was kicking the shit out of her brother?