Digitally stompin' on tube classics

I only recently discovered the great musical-gearhead site MusicThingUK -- it should be on my linkroll, but I'm too lazy to make just one template change at a time -- and discovered that BOSS' next big release, in partnership with Fender Amplifiers, will be two modeling pedals based on the 1959 Bassman and the 1965 Deluxe Reverb, two of the best guitar amps ever made. BOSS makes my favorite effects foot-pedals and Fender makes my favorite amps, but those pedals have ACROSSTHEBOARDFAILURE written all over them.

As a shitty guitarist, I'd like to think that I'm not like my peers, who are intractably conservative about gear and how modern it's allowed to be. Nothing would make me happier than to have the sound of a '50s Bassman in a box I can hold in my hand, because I own a '50s Bassman that sounds great but weighs a ton [actually about 55 pounds; I'm a weakling] and looks like a swell scratching post to every cat who has ever seen it. Really, if/when I A/B my Bassman and the pedal running into, say, a Pignose amp and they sound pretty close to the same, I'm selling the amp that day. It still sort of bothers me that the '59 BOSSman pedal isn't finished in a faux-tweed finish -- blond tolex wasn't an option for that model then. Yeah, I'm that nerdy about gear.

I've never been a fan of the blackface-era Deluxe-Reverbs, but that emulator can't possibly clone the sound of the amp's vibrato or spring reverb. BOSS made a functional, fairly versatile analog vibrato pedal in the early '80s that sounded better than a cranked-up chorus pedal -- but chorus vibrato sounds only slightly better than a freshly wounded infant -- but they've never made a great solid-state or digital reverb. Passable, yes -- certainly more versatile than an old spring tank if you're looking for new sounds and audio techniques -- but not nearly as natural, warm and complex as a Fender spring-reverb. So the idea of BOSS making a Fender reverb is just weird.

UPDATE: I just went to Musician's Friend to price the '59 pedal out, and listened to the MP3 demos they have of the pedal in action. Blergh. I guess we're supposed to believe that the "classic sound" that guitarists spend years seeking out a vintage tweed Bassman to get is an awful lot like BOSS' other overdrive/distortion pedals. I'm not going to look at the '65 D-R page.

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