Bert Richards is still alive. I think dead, but was not snorted

Keith Richards is tailor-made for April Fool's Day; there's no act a human being can commit, no matter how senseless or extreme, that you can't convince large chunks of people that Keef did. A few days ago NME, of all papers, got a huge chunk of the press to repeat the story that Richards snorted some of his dead father's ashes with some cocaine without, y'know, actually trying to confirm the story themselves. Unsurprisingly, this same lazyass mass-media hasn't made many phone calls to ferret out little nuggets of information like Speaker Pelosi's Syrian trip being the second by US Congressmen of late; the first being a Republican delegation that's still in Syria as we speak. Maybe MTV News can make another phone call to do some homework on this story too.

While I'm relieved to know the Iranians are pardoning the 15 British troops for Easter and I'm delighted to hear that they treated the troops very well, part of me wishes that they have some of the troops pose for photos mirroring/parodying the Abu Ghraib shots before they leave. Not actually torture anyone, mind you, just strike a few poses to see if a moral victory is mitigated any if you tag a photo of it with "LOL PWNED."

UPDATE: Keith Richards' father died in 2002.

THURSDAY UPDATE: I forgot to add a bit about Richards I thought of before dismissing the story as a hoax: Despite his reputation for excess, at first I thought that even Keef wouldn't bother snorting some of his father up his nose because even he would be content with already having his father's blood in his veins. Then I remembered all the stories of those total-blood transfusions he had to kick heroin in the '70s.